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Sunday, March 16, 2014

SNAP! Makeshift photo set v2

Another day, another area of the house that I've taken over.  My laundry room has become home to supplies, tools and storage for finished products.  My dining room table = working table.  I've taken over my daughter's play area for my first makeshift set (see previous post).  Classic move, mommy.  And now, my husband shakes his head when he enters the second photo set - our bedroom.  He literally paused and asked 'what happened' when he brought lunch on Friday - pho, if you're interested in knowing what filled our bellies.  I've made the wise decision of not posting the other side of the room - disaster zone of clothes that were on the clothing rack + unmade bed + diaper changing zone + rolling laundry hamper + computer desk (a disaster zone in itself).  His response was totally valid.  I should note that he did like the final image.  Check out the set!

Here's how I've taken advantage of the natural light and items I already own:
1. Clothing rack from my laundry room.
2. Fabric that I really should have ironed.  Clearly.
3. Antique child's desk from an auction.
4. Wicker chair plant stand from Value Village

If you don't have what I have access to, no worries!  This is the REMIX!
1. Omit clothing rack.  Tape fabric, bed sheet, or wrapping paper to wall.  Or use a blank wall.  TIP: If you use a clothing rack (or bookshelves with a broom between them) and your fabric isn't long enough to be draped, use hair clips.  
2. Select a background that complements your main subject.  Example: Since my owl is so busy with the different fabrics used, I selected a simple golden, woven fabric.  The scene also matches my table display for craft shows - consistency (table to be posted another time).
3. Table...any surface that is flat.  A set of books, step stool, ottoman, chair, boxes draped in fabric, wrapped with paper, etc.
4. I needed something to elevate my owl plushie, but it's not necessary to have a prop.  A prop doesn't even need to have a purpose like my stand.  Maybe it's a bouquet of balloons, a disco ball, an empty ornamental frame, a childhood toy, etc.  I would stay away from something reflective that's directly angled towards the camera because you don't want to see a reflection of yourself taking the photo...unless that's what you want.  --> eBay photo fail!

And now here's the resulting image from my makeshift photo set v2...

*happy face!  I think I've found my background for when I take product photos for the future LeilaBel Anne shop on Etsy.  Another project idea for another day.

Much love,

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