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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

CRAFT SHOW - May 9 & 10, Peterborough

UPDATE (March 18):  The event date for 30 Craft Market is now just May 10th.  This is a great non-profit community event.  Please come out and support your neighbours, friends, colleagues, and that person who serves your morning coffee!  :)

Positive thoughts everyone.  And I'm on the look out for more shows in the area.  Will keep you updated!

And please continue to support 30 Craft Market.

See you on May 10th!

I'm so happy to announce that LeilaBel Anne will be making its CRAFT SHOW DEBUT at 30 Craft Market, May 9 &10, Peterborough.

Friday, May 9  |  10am-5:30pm
Saturday, May 10  | 11am-4pm
345 Aylmer Street, Peterborough (Lower floor of public library)
NOTE: Not a single item available for sale during 30 Craft Market will be over $30.  You love it - I know it!

I've got my pen, paper, and an open mind ready - this will be a learning experience.  I'll be practicing my saleswomanship, networking with other crafters, testing my prices, and comparing quality of goods.  I'll write a report after the show.

Be sure to check out LeilaBel Anne and support local crafters at 30 Craft Market - May 9 & 10, Peterborough!

For future appearances, check out my 'Craft Shows' section.

Much love,

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