Last update: July 12, 2014

A selection of Super Cute, Handcrafted Goodies for Children, Women and the Homes They Live In. If you see something you like, please contact me to start a convo. Pricing starts at $3. All shipments will be sent via Canada Post. I always welcome custom orders.

[What you see]
hair accessories - each petal is cut, heat sealed and assembled by hand to ensure strength and quality from the beginning
infinity scarves - most scarves are made with two complementary fabrics to provide the wearer the option to show more of one style with a simple twist and shift
glass magnets - take your child's artwork, a set of photos, the alphabet, qr codes...and turn them into a glass magnet
gift tags - text from my brain to cardstock - silly and/or personalized, these tags add the final touch to a present
plushies (stuffed ornaments and keepsakes) - made from a combination of fabrics, including your child's outgrown clothes (where do you keep the outfit your baby was brought home in, her first soccer shirt, his tie from First Communion?)
name banner - animal characters, a tree with the parents' initials embroidered in the wood and more accents enhance the letters of your children's names

[What you get]
Handmade goodies made with patience and confidence. I wouldn't sell what I wouldn't own. I'm here to support you from idea to a delivered package.

Ribbon Flower hair accessories and pinsRibbon Flower hair accessories and pinsRibbon Flower hair accessories and pinsRibbon Flower hair accessories and pinsFelt Flower hair accessories and pinsParent and Child Infinity Scarf PairingsAdult Infinity Scarves, accented with a bow barretteGlass MagnetsGift TagsPlushie OrnamentsPlushiesPlushies AMPlushies AM closeFelt Name Banner - EvelynnFelt Name Banner - LylahFelt Name Banner - Finn

See the personality behind all these handmade items.


  1. Lovin' your craft!
    And your site is looking and feeling so fresh!

    1. Thanks, Wil! I'm having a lot of fun making Super Cute goodies. Waiting for your site.I :)