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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Personal Branding: Profile Photo

On Sunday night, I updated my Facebook profile photo and was overwhelmed by the amount of 'Likes' I received in less than a day.  Far exceeding any mobile post I've done.  The simple change of updating my profile picture had a big impact on my Personal Brand.  

Fun. Happy. Geeky. Clean.  This photo captures me, the owner of LeilaBel Anne.  If I wore a black suit, arms crossed, hair up in a butterfly clip, and stood in front of a filled bookcase, I'd project someone with a serious occupation...so not me.  A profile photo isn't just an image you think is cool and want the world to know so they can share it.  Ummm...that's what albums are for.  A profile photo is supposed to project your personality.  A strong profile photo gives the viewer no doubt about your true self.  Based on the response from my friends and family, I'm so happy happy happy that this photo accomplished that.

And this directly relates to LeilaBel Anne how?
In a previous post, I wrote about how I have all my social media sites linked together by using the LeilaBel Anne name.  What I realized is that each site used a POOR profile photo.  *Womp womp.  Here are dates for the last time I uploaded a solo pic of me.  It's sad.

Facebook:  September 2012
LinkedIn:  Prior to August 2011
Google+:  No solo pic
Etsy:  No solo pic
Pinterest: July 2013 (should note that I registered only a few months earlier)

All these sites now use my new profile pic.  It wasn't necessary to use the same one, but it was necessary to have the profile pics accurately reflect the SUPER CUTEness of LeilaBel Anne (specifically the awesome brains behind the business since I am a walking LBA billboard).

Try and find me on all those sites.  I dare you.  :)

Much love,

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