Much love, j.anne

Aaawww...Thank you for visiting LeilaBel Anne!  As the hit counter for my blog increases, my drive to create quality, SUPER CUTE, handcrafted goods grows stronger.

Sharp scissors, a well used glue gun, an assortment of cardstock, packs of clear cling stamps, and shelves stocked with folded fabrics of differing prints and textures - all these things make me smile.

I'm a passionate crafter with a business background.  My overall goal is to apply my knowledge and experience to operate a profitable handcrafted business while keeping it fresh and fun!  Branding, maintaining relevant financial documents, speaking in public - THANK YOU various (and sometimes so random) jobs, university competitions, wedding planning, and working with talented colleagues for building my confidence and teaching me patience.  My years of volunteering and working have prepared me for taking on this venture - LeilaBel Anne.

One day at a time.  Carefully strategize which social media sites to use and which handmade goods to sell.  Develop time-saving designs and processes.  Breathe in and out.  I'm going ALL OUT for LeilaBel Anne.

I just read what I wrote above.  I totally have a business mindset.  :P  I'm really more relaxed than this.

Let's get personal...
31/Female/Peterborough, ON

I'm an At Home Mama to 2 girls under 4 years old.  Even though they keep me busy, I wanted to do something for me.  My brain and spirit needed to expand into other areas - not just mom-related activities.  In November 2013, I decided it was time to produce my handcrafted goods for sale.  The birth of LeilaBel Anne.

LeilaBel Anne is a learning opportunity - I want to see what happens if I do this or that or make that thing using those stuff.  If the results work out, BEAUTY!  If not, I will be spending the time taking out each stitch or starting from scratch because if I'm not satisfied, it won't be sold.

Making handcrafted goods is only one segment of developing a business.  I'm sssooo looking forward to all the other stuff (branding, financing, sales,etc.).

LeilaBel Anne will provide some edumacation!  'Gon get school'd!  And I'm SUPER excited!

Much love,