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Much love, j.anne

Thank you for visiting LeilaBel Anne!

Sharp scissors, a well used glue gun, rolls of ribbons, cords, and lace, an assortment of cardstock, packs of clear cling stamps, and shelves stocked with folded fabrics of differing prints and textures - all these things make me smile.

I'm a passionate crafter with a business background.  My overall goal is to apply my knowledge and experience to operate a profitable business while keeping it fresh and fun!

Let's get personal...
35/Female/Peterborough, ON

I'm a working mama with two mischievous, stubborn, incredibly creative daughters.   ...just like mommy...  They are the inspiration and driving force behind LeilaBel Anne.  After a 3+ year hiatus, I decided it was time to get my life back on track and make LeilaBel Anne a priority.  During those years I was away, I was not in a strong emotional and mental place.  It is amazing how a new relationship, a different outlook on life, seeing my children grow, and surrounding myself with supportive friends can improve one's confidence and re-ignite my passion to make LeilaBel Anne a success!

In April 2019, LeilaBel is coming back and I am excited to see where it goes!

Much love,