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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

[DAY 4: Boho Dreamcatcher]

J'adore Instagram.  I currently have 2 accounts: @LeilaBelAnne (business) and @100ArtfulDays.  For each one, I follow hobby and art-related accounts to get inspiration and looking at pretty things make me happy.  One day, I came across boho-style dreamcatchers.  Instead of leather or string used to create the webbing inside the ring, a lace doily was used.  Hhmmm...interesting!  For our 4th project, Leilani and I are going to make a boho-style dreamcatcher.

Link: History of dreamcatchers

-embroidery hoop (only outer ring needed) or metal ring
-lace doily
-embroidery floss, yarn or string
-strips of fabric, trim, ribbon
Additional embellishments

Place the lace doily in the middle of the hoop.  Cut embroidery floss into 6" pieces.  Leilani is able to use scissors, so as I pulled on the floss, she would cut.  At each outer loop of the doily, tie 3 knots to attach it to the hoop.  I helped by starting the loop, then Leilani would pull the ends tightly.  We practiced tying knots a few times, but I took over when I sensed she was starting to get frustrated.  TUG OF WAR!  Similar to our first project, have fun with the little steps!  Something as simple as tying a knot can become a game of tug of war with your child.
Honesty time...  Leilani got bored after tying 3 of the outer loops, so I had to finish it off.
To cut or not to cut?  You can trim the strands of floss, but she decided to leave them.

As you can tell, Leilani had fun playing with the fabric.  Haha!  Get out those strands of fabric, trim, ribbon, and any extra embellishments you want to add.  Using a simple knot (I don't know what it's called), tie the fabric to the bottom of the dreamcatcher.  We used the 'luggage tag' technique from our first tutorial.  Fold the fabric in half and push it through an opening partially.  Holding the loop with your left hand, take the loose ends with your right hand, go around the hoop and thread them through the loop.  Now PULL!  To secure your fabric, pull tightly (as seen in the last photo above).  Keep doing this with a different piece of fabric, ribbon, etc. around the bottom.

Boho-style dreamcatcher, Leilani and mommy-style.

TIP: If you find that you don't have enough space in between each opening to push your fabric through, cut the embroidery floss that attaches the doily to the hoop.  The larger openings did not take away from the overall look.  See photos.

This was a simple project and Leilani loved the result!  What do you think?  If you tried this project, post it on Instagram and tag @100ArtfulDays or #100ArtfulDays.

As a reminder, I also have a 1 year old daughter, Evie.  During the time that her older sister and I worked on this project, she broke her night light and did this with one of the rolls of ribbon.  Tsk tsk tsk.

@100ArtfulDays is a blog and Instagram series dedicated to the shared love of crafting between my daughter and I.  We will focus on collaborative art projects that will further develop my daughter's fine motor, problem solving, speaking, and communication skills, improve her patience, learn and apply colour theory, and encourage her creative spirit.

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