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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Glitter and I are not friends

Dollarama.  This is a store that I should not be left alone to shop in.  I went in to buy a pencil sharpener, but came out with that AND glitter, washi tape, Post-Its, a notepad, correction tape, bbq chips (for the hubby), and chestnuts (for me...so yummy).

I bought the glitter to enhance my felt dahlias.  I thought that dipping the tips in glitter would add another upsell element.  I currently make my dahlias out of three materials:
1. Eco-fi felt
2. Ribbon 
3. Wool felt
Each material increases in cost, thus increasing in price.  It's smart to have items at different price points.  

I planned to have another option...felt with glitter tips...ya, that's not going to happen.  Glitter and I are not friends.  The two samples in the photo above may look pretty, but they weren't fun to make.  THE MESS!  See all those little flecks of glitter?  My goodness...the messiness of it all is eating at me.  I invite you to laugh.  Haha!  My name is Jen, and I have a problem.

On a happier note, check out the pretty decorative tape and to-do list I bought.  Clean, linear, and colourful...this is what I like.

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