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Sunday, May 11, 2014

First show done! Body and Mind crashed, but Spirit is bright and partying

Update (May 13): LeilaBel Anne has its FIRST Media Hit! Article in Peterborough Examiner about 30 Craft Market and photos of me.

I'm tired.  Body aching.  Thank goodness for Crocs.  Mind aching.  Brain needs rest.  Even though I don't need to prep for another show right now, I do have to complete samples for a new project by Monday.  Sssooo tired  I repeat - SSSSOOOO TTTIIRREEEDD!

On Saturday, May 10th, I participated in my first show for LeilaBel Anne.  As a reminder, my FIRST first show was at RYE Market back in 2006.  I spent more time organizing RYE Market than caring about participating, so I don't consider that vendor experience a big deal.  On Saturday at 30 Craft Market, I cared a lot.  

December 2013 to May 9, 2013 - the period of product creation.  I've made 2,000+ gift tags, 300+ magnets, 100+ bows, 200+ flowers, and 120+ scarves.  What sold?  I'll write about this in an upcoming post.

Pinterest, Google images, craft shows I've attended - all inspired me with table display ideas.  Which props did I use?  Signage used?  The table flow?  I'll write about this in an upcoming post.

I've dedicated today to Mama's Day, so I haven't unpacked yet.  My props and bins of goodies need a place to live in my craft zone (aka Laundry Room).  Product reassessment needs to be done.  What is my post show plan?  You guessed it - I'll write about that in an upcoming post..

Be positive.  Stay positive.  Even though I'm physically tired, my spirit for crafting just took a lifetime energy drink in orange flavour.  My spirit is bright and is not letting my brain have a rest because I keep thinking about what I want to do next and my plan of attack.  I'll be channeling this force of passion toward bringing LeilaBel Anne's SUPER CUTE goodies to you!

But first, I need to review what happened on Saturday.  Check back on Wednesday for a detailed look at my display table.

Much love,

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