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Thursday, February 06, 2014

First Post: Version 1.4 - Origin of LeilaBel Anne. In the beginning...

Let's try this on the desktop (because I prefer to tippy-tappy on a proper keyboard).

I've always been a crafter, but never sold something until high school.  First product for sale: $5 beaded bracelets to friends in the cafeteria.  I was like a drug dealer...why did I use a brown paper bag to stash my bracelets?    

>>6 years

First vendor experience: RYE Market* in 2006.  Known as 'j.anne's property,'  I offered more jewellery and 1 knitted scarf.  Looking back, the quality of the items I sold was terrible.  Shame on me for thinking Dollarama was okay as my primary source for supplies and for thinking a tightly knitted, white acrylic scarf was not only fashionable, but comfortable.   I cared more about margins than anything else.  Apologies to anyone who bought from me.  My standards...MUCH higher now.  Good to note to all future customers.  :)

>>5 years

Since September 2011, I've been an At Home Mama.  I said goodbye to working in downtown Toronto and said hello to raising my first daughter, Leilani Anne in Peterborough.  My plans of returning to work remained as just plans because along came Evelynn Mabel in July 2013.  To maintain my sanity (keeping your brain and hands busy doing non-mom things is so important), I started making handmade gifts for my girls, myself, friends and fam.  Reason #1: No incoming funds since 2011.  Props to my dad for teaching me the importance of saving my dolla dolla bills.  Reason #2: Impractical and unmeaningful gifts are common.  Re-gifting...it's a good thing.  With the limited funds I had/have, combined with my love of crafting, I spread my SUPER CUTEness to those around me.  I was welcomed with comments like, "I love that he's going to have this forever!," "You should sell these!" and "How do you have time to do this?"  TRY.  Just try to see what happens.

So I'm trying...My third 'baby' arrived November 2013.  I created LeilaBel Anne as an expression of my passion for crafting and being cute all day, every day...I must remind you that I'm Asian and that's how we do.  :)

Leilani Anne + Evelynn Mabel + Jennifer Anne (c'est moi)

How will the public know about LeilaBel Anne?  Start somewhere.  My 'somewhere' is here.

Much love,

RYE Market was an event I co-created with my friend for ACE Ryerson (now Enactus Ryerson), a student organization.  Ryerson's Young Entrepreneurial Market provided a test market opportunity (criterion #1 :)) for student entrepreneurs and was first held inside our university's cafeteria.  In our second year, we included students from neighbouring schools and Montreal, a DJ and moved to Dundas Square.  Fun times!  Never felt like we were producing an event!  *tear... wonderful memories.

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