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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Finance and Administration - applying skills to first show!

"A passionate crafter with a background in business."  That's the tagline to describe me.  I have a background in Finance and Administration (stalk me on LinkedIn, though I likely have not updated it).  How did I apply what I know to my first show?  Top 3!

1. Track Revenue and Investment
Thank you SQUARE!
I signed up for Square a few weeks prior to my first show because ONE - Not all shoppers carry a lot of cash, if any.  Providing another payment option will help increase sales.  TWO - Square records your sales online.  Beauty!

All my receipts for related expenses have yet to record, but are kept together.  So bad of me - I've tracked my revenue, but not expenses.  I have an estimate of what I think has been invested, but am not certain.  The actual amount kinda scares me since regularly scheduled income is just a memory to me now.  All I know is that my chequing account isn't happy.

2. Create Forms and Templates
Be ready to take orders for items you don't have at the show (ie. customized products).  Not only did I purchase a Sales Order book (which I stamped with my logo and contact info), but I also created a more detailed order form that is LeilaBel Anne-specific.  Templates also created: Sales Invoice and Sales Receipt.  REMINDER: Use logo and chosen font (Pupcat for LeilaBel Anne) on all customer-related documents.

3. Follow Up and Build Relationships
Post job interview practice is send a follow up e-mail.  BUILD NETWORK - SEND A MESSAGE TO OTHER VENDORS.  When at a show, I collected a few business cards and spoke with other vendors.  After the show, I Facebook'ed each one and 'Liked' their pages.  In return, they did the same.  You never know when you're going to want their product/service, recommend them, see them at another show, or just see them on the street.

Just a few pointers in this post.  I've been reading a few of my earlier ones...I write way too much.  :)

Much love,

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