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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Promotional Cards - Use one card in multiple ways

A friend recently asked me to include a little blurb about my business with her shipment.  She thought it would be a nice idea to inform her friends (who were receiving Mother/Daughter scarves from her) about LeilaBel Anne.  It's actually a GREAT IDEA!

I could have printed a write-up on computer paper, trim it to size and...that's it.  Ummm....I don't think so.  What a waste of a branding opportunity.  This is what I did.  

The details.
1. The lace doilies mimic the current header of the website.
2. The plushie owl is the current cover photo for the LeilaBel Anne Facebook page and personal page.
3. Font and Colour: Pupcat and orange (#FF6600) make another appearance.
4. Promotional deal.  In this case, customers have the opportunity to receive a free gift ($10 retail value) with their next purchase ($30 minimum purchase).  NOTE: Make it clear that the value of the gift is at the RETAIL VALUE.  I'm still not sure if an expiry date will be added.  I'm leaning toward 'Yes'.
5. QR code - Do people actually use them?  I also have it on my business card and banner, but people who I've spoken with, don't use them.  Whatever...better to have that option than not.  Plus, it fills in an open area.
6. There is an open spot for me to write 'j.anne' underneath Much Love.  An added personal touch.

The purpose.
1. Entice people to make a purchase.
2. Spread the Super Cute message of LeilaBel Anne.
3. Showcase one of the items I sell.
4. Inform people about the different social media accounts I have, including a direct e-mail.
5. In order for customers to redeem the free gift, an e-mail has to be sent to LeilaBelAnne@gmail.com.  GOTCHA! I have your e-mail for an e-mail list (which can be removed at their request).

How can they be used?*
1. As my friend recommended, included with a customers' shipment of Super Cute goodies.
2. A handout at events.
3. A digital file which could be sent to people on my Facebook page and/or e-mail list.
*The photo shows an altered version of the postcard.

How else could a promotional postcard be used?

Much love,

In case you wanted to know...
The postcard was created with Photoshop Elements using my own logo and product image PLUS digital scrapbooking images.  Google: Digital Scrapbook images.  If you are aware of conventional scrapbooking - paper, embellishments, photos, books, then you have a good idea of digital scrapbooking.  Same thing, but with digital files.  I searched for 'lace doily' and 'cloud'.  After saving and removing the background with the magic eraser tool in Photoshop, I put everything together.  You can also find FREE icons online.  The QR code was generated using a free tool online.

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