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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Show signage

*UPDATE April 23, 2014:  Since this post, I've changed my accent font to Pupcat.

Design table signage for shows.  CHECK!
Created with PowerPoint.  To remain consistent with my blog, I used the same accent colour (orange) and fonts (floraless and consolas).  The price box is blank because I'm not sure if I'm going to write it in or have it already printed.  I'm thinking...and thinking...
The signs will be put into 4"x6" acrylic picture frames from Dollarama - the metal frames for my magnet displays were also purchased here.

Feel free to borrow ideas should you want to use them - I've definitely been influenced by my research.  I tired to be super cute with my content.  I wonder if  a shopper will smirk as she reads the sign.  If I do catch someone, I'm totally going to smile back, but not creepy like.  I just pictured this happening and I'm smiling  to myself like a nerd Check out more of the signs below.

I've also created a Thank You sign that I plan to put beside a bowl of candy.  Saw that idea from Pinterest.

Researching is a good thing...as long as it doesn't lead to EXACT copying.  I research what others (not necessarily DIYers) have done to be INSPIRED.  Pour example, show signage.  Based on Pinterest, shows attended and postings read, I know...
1. Not to hand write signs - I don't have the time or the patience.  It's easier to open a file, edit and print.
2. Price each item, in addition to a price summary sign - I'm guilty of putting down an item because I wasn't sure of the price and didn't care to ask.
3. Another way to achieve brand continuity - I could use those small chalkboard signs from Michaels, but I wouldn't be able to put my logo on it.  Maybe it's just because I'm in the beginning stages of my business where I want my LOGO EVERYWHERE.  I may go with chalkboard signs in the future because they are simple, clean, legible, and don't take up much table space.  That decision will come after experience.

I'll get some of that experience soon - May 10th.  Have I mentioned that before? *smirk

Much love,


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