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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Displaying magnets - the dollar store way

I've made 300-ish glass bead magnets prior to planning how to display them at craft shows.  There are really only two options when displaying magnets - package multiple together in a clear bag or individually stick them on a magnetic surface.  Unless you're making super fancy magnets, boxing them is unnecessary.

My choice - display the magnets individually because...

1. Customers can select which ones they want.  I'm not worried about the 'ugly' ones not being purchased because I don't make 'ugly' ones.  I wouldn't sell something I wouldn't want.
2. Customers can interact with my product.  Similar to having customers try on scarves, I like how they can hold and examine the magnets closely.  My magnets are attached to the glass floral beads with an epoxy, not hot glue, making the bond a zillion times stronger.
3. Save money and time.  I don't want to package my magnets in a plastic or poly bag.  I could use metal washers behind a product card to keep the magnets in place or cut an 'X' in the product card so I can push the magnet part through, but that requires extra money and extra time.  My solution - allow customers to select the magnets they want > put their magnets in a poly bag > and add one of my simple contact cards (different from my business card).  My super simple contact card is on the right.  This version includes my scarf price and specs.

My display - frames from Dollarama
I bought frames for product and pricing signage.  As I took out the glass to put my first sign in, I realized that my slanted, 4"x6", landscape frame was made of metal.  Magnets....meet magnetic surface.  Each frame holds 35 magnets.

The set up: sorted together by colour and style, 4 gold frames, 4 black frames, 1 silver frame (because I accidentally purchased this one - thought it was black).

A great benefit from having multiple displays for my magnets is that multiple customers can easily view them by picking up a frame.  No need to worry about crowding a stand or digging through a box.  Picture time!

Look how Super Cute my magnets are!

Much love,

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