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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Getting my HTML on

Back in the day, when community sites like Black Planet and Asian Avenue were cools, I learned basic HTML to customize my personal page.  The "juniper_june24" page was covered with marquee text, glittery GIFs, useless personal info, and group photos with people I'm no longer in personal contact with.  Good thing there's FB.  HTML is not like riding a bike.  Thank you, internet, for refreshing my skills.

Blogger has been great thus far.  Its built-in templates and formatting options have been awesome, but I'm a crafty person - having a standard-looking site is not very crafty.  Slowly, I have been customizing LeilaBelAnne.com.  My most recent custom work is the Products and Pricing page.  It will always be a work-in-progress, but you can see the differences between the Before and After.
Product details. Multiple sample photos for each type of product.  Photos side-by-side.  Use of headings and jump links.  HTML baby!  

One day, I will have a custom header.  It took me 4ish hours to complete a page using HTML I am familiar with.  I have no idea how to start making a custom header.  Internet, I need your help again.
Update: I made a simple header by creating a PNG with the LeilaBel Anne logo and text with Inkscape.  My dimensions are 750px x 300px.  When the file was uploaded, Blogger shrunk it to 730px.

Much love,

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