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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Scent the Scarves

Complete infinity scarves for children and women.  CHECK!
Step 1: Select fabrics
Step 2: Cut fabrics into long and short lengths
Step 3: Using a straight stitch, sew scarves
Step 4: Using a ladder stitch, close scarves
Step 5: Re-check scarves for stitch strength and trim loose threads
Step 5: Fold and label scarves
Step 6: Work on another project because there is always something else to do.

TIP: Scent the Scarves.
Foodies tell us about the importance of presentation and smell in addition to taste.  In my case, shoppers can touch and try on the scarves.  Smell?  Not sure if this is going to work, so I'll update this once I know.  Since I'm done with the scarves, they need to be stored in a plastic tote bin because I need space in my craft room (aka laundry room).  I've placed a pumpkin caramel scented candle from Bath and Body Works (best 3-wick candles!) to infuse the scarves with.  I'm hoping shoppers get a comforting whiff of that scent, triggering something in their brain that will tell them to make a purchase.  I'm already tricking my brain into thinking this will work.  :)

Over a cardigan, a chambray shirt or a t-shirt...infinity/circle scarves are a great accessory.  Not gonna lie, every scarf I make is one I want to keep for myself or my girls.  Before I select fabrics, I picture which outfit of mine the scarf would go well with.  If I kept all of them, I'd be more broke than I am now and LeilaBel Anne wouldn't exist, but I'd be Super Stylin'.  One.  I'll keep one.

Much love,

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