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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Wednesdays and Sundays = Blog Days


I've been hard at work building an inventory for LeilaBel Anne's craft show debut (details to follow).  I've thrown out entire flower clips if petals were not glued properly, removed the stitching on scarves if a stitch was skipped and wasn't backstitched, and tore apart gift tags if they were poorly stamped.  Time consuming, but I'm not going to sell something I wouldn't buy - better quality = stronger positive reputation.  I should be holding my blog to the same standards I have for LBA products, but I haven't.  SHAME ON ME...OH, THE SHAME!  *two fists shaking*

The absence of consistency on my blog  - mainly sporadic timing of posts - may not be noticeable to readers, but it's sssooo frustrating to me.  j.anne Statement: Blog posting on schedule will help build readership.  My rationale...if you know when to check back on a site for new content, then you're more likely to bookmark the site and visit again in the future.  Do you agree?  Pour example: Facebook and gossip sites are virtual drugs.  Rehab really should be made available for those who refresh after refreshing.  

Let's try out my theory.  Moving forward, LeilaBelAnne.com will have new content every Wednesday and Sunday.  Time of posting?  Puuhhllleeaasseee...I don't even brush my teeth the same time each day because calming down a cranky girl trumps dental care...at least for a few minutes...hours...I'm happy if I can brush before lunch.  To be consistent, just check back in the evening, the following morning during breakfast or your morning bathroom break.  If you have a smartphone, then you've been online while doing your business.  That's cool.  I don't mind what you do while reading my blog as long as you're a consistent visitor. (I have to give props to myself for tying in your daily bathroom breaks with reading my posts.  :D)

Peace until Wednesday....and then next Sunday...and then next Wednesday...and then the following Sunday...

Much love,

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