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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Branding milestone: Thank you Vistaprint!

I'm a fan of Vistaprint.  Making it official after I've researched suppliers in town and online.  In an earlier post, I asked where I could use my logo? Answer: business cards, self-inking stamps and a banner.  Check out the BCard below.  Wickedness!

With limited funds, I had to wisely decide what needed to be made with my logo.  Vistaprint...oh Vistaprint.  You provided me the menu of logo happiness.  Not only did you offer quality items in a timely manner, but your prices are awesome!  The holy trinity of small business branding.  I should note that I took advantage of their semi-annual sale where all items were 40-50% off.

Here's my rationale of what I LeilaBel Anne-ified:

1. BCards:
A staple at craft shows if you want all those non-buyers (aka POTENTIAL BUYERS) to become ACTUAL BUYERS.  I'm not planning on creating a brochure or other take-awayw, so that's why the front of my BCard has pics of LBA stuff.  Not all those items will be available for purchase at each show, but future LBAers (let's call owners and/or buyers of LeilaBel Anne goodies LBAers) are aware of what I can do and how to contact me.

2. Self-Inking Stamps
Two sizes: small and large.
Why are stamps needed?  Which size should I use?  Ink colour?  How clear will my logo be in tiny form?  Valid questions.
This is the reason why I decided to buy self-inking stamps with the logo: packaging...start simple.
SIDE STORY: My husband sells handcrafted fishing lures (www.lightningserieslures.com).  He's been selling them at shows, stores and online for over 10 years.  I learned from him that packaging should be simple first, then invest in printed cardstock, bags, whatever, after you have a better idea of what you're going to sell more consistently.  SIDE STORY DONE.
Ideally, yes, I would have printed cards or boxes with my logo to use for the packaging.  Ideally, yes, my products would come in similar sizes so I could use the same packaging.  $100+ for designed and printed packaging v. $20 invested into stamps + supplies I already have (cardstock, paper cutter, hole punch, and edge punch).  $$$ guided my decision.

3. Banner
This was the last item I added to my cart.  I questioned it because I considered making my own with fabric or paint.  $$$ and TIME guided my decision to get a banner made.  $7 for a small banner made with durable, outdoor material...DONE.  ADD TO CART!  Lightbulb!  I need to write a post about what to purchase versus what to make.  Virtual post-it needed for a reminder.

People won't know your name unless you tell them.  How you tell them can make people remember your name better.  Branding - personal and business - it's all the same.  If you want people to know who you are, make it easier for them to remember you.  If they hear and see your name often enough and can associate it with something positive, you've done your job.  Hopefully I'm on my way for doing this for LeilaBel Anne.


Much love,

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