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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Introducing @100ArtfulDays!

My crafting stuff is disorganized. I try to put everything back in its place, but with multiple projects going on (and a spastic creative mind), I leave a trail of felt, notebooks, markers, ribbon, fabric, and rhinestones. My family is exposed to my colourful mess all the time.

With exposure, comes interest. Daughter No. 1 (Leilani, 3) has shown a lot of interest in crafting. She loves to paint, colour, cut paper, and glue things together.  I love her innocent, creative mind!

When she sees mommy working, she wants to help too. Her constant need to be involved in my projects is what triggered the idea for a blog series and a new Instagram account.  I now introduce...*drumroll*...

100 Artful Days
(Picture fireworks and booming music being played by an orchestra!)

This series will capture adult-child, collaborative art projects.  My eldest daughter and I will be patiently working together to create things that we want to own or are proud to gift someone with.  We're about creating useful, super cute and well made crafts.

For 100 non-consecutive days, I will be introducing my daughter to different art mediums, techniques and tools and applying what we learn to our craft projects.  We are a team - that is how we do.   Our story will be tracked on Instagram (@100ArtfulDays) and here.  Day 1 starts TODAY.

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