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Friday, February 13, 2015

[DAY 2: Page Markers pt. 2]

As I've mentioned in my previous post, I've become hooked on day planners!  I blame all the beautiful and enabling photos on Instagram.  One of the items that I've seen by every #PlannerNerd/#PlannerAddict/#PlannerJunkie are embellished paper clips.  For our 2nd project (a mini project), Leilani and I are going to make our own page markers...again.  This time with bobby pins.  Super cute bobby pins that are perfect for Love Month!  And they are cheaper than buying embellished paper clips in a store.  $$$ bonus!

-Pretty bobby pins

...and that is all!

Disclaimer: It may not be the safest thing that my 3 year old is holding needle-nose pliers with clippers, but I was with her the whole time.  I also put my hand on the pliers when she had to squeeze tightly.

Like all kiddies, Leilani is a curious little one.  When she saw mommy working with pliers, she says, "Me too! Me too! Me do it!"  I thought this was a really simple project to introduce her to pliers.  So, what did we do to change bobby pins into page markers?  We simply bent the metal prong!

TIP: Instead of twisting your wrist to bend the tip of the bobby pin, you get more leverage by holding the tip in place and pushing the embellished side (eg. heart, lollipop) away (toward the flat edge).  It was Leilani's job to place the pliers (see photo above for where to place your pliers) and hold it in place; it was my job to bend the bobby pin.  See? Super simple!

Just in time for Valentine's Day, this set of bobby pins are now page markers for my day planner.  Seen here with a LeilaBel Anne flower page marker.  You can see from the top profile that there are no gaps.  The planner remains flat and the pages don't get an indent from a protruding prong.  So cute!  And practical.

As I write this, Leilani has removed all the clips and wrapped them in facial tissue.  She likes wrapping 'gifts.'  Adorable.

@100ArtfulDays is a blog and Instagram series dedicated to the shared love of crafting between my daughter and I.  We will focus on collaborative art projects that will further develop my daughter's fine motor, problem solving, speaking, and communication skills, improve her patience, learn and apply colour theory, and encourage her creative spirit.

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