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Friday, November 28, 2014

New Footer to reflect new direction of blog

Earlier in the year, I was a good girl.  Blog posts were written twice a week.  There was a schedule of topics and photos, and a list of 'let's re-visit' ideas.  Then May happened...I had my first craft show in May with LeilaBel Anne.  After that, time wasn't managed properly because all LBA time was allocated to making products.  [Negative] The blog was not updated.  Topics were lame.  Stories were not as well thought out.  [Positive] Improved product quality.  Researched better suppliers.  Gained more show experience.  Developed a network of other crafters.

Originally, the blog was to focus on the management side of having a business in handcrafted goods.  I should hang my head in shame because I tried to be too business-y, but didn't have much experience.  This is what my footer used to look like:

Slight changes.  The blog description has been updated to accurately reflect what I plan to do with it.  This is what my footer looks like now:

Instagram.  Being an active user on Instagram guided me toward a new blog focus because 1. I saw that other users were using their Instagram accounts as teasers for their blog.  2. I really liked showing my personality.  Having photos of my girls, work in progress projects, finished projects, show announcements, etc.  My Instagram account was more of a reflection of LeilaBel Anne than this site's blog was.  Totally not cool.  Moving forward, I'll be having fun with my blog.

So class...what did we learn today?  If you're going to have a blog that is part of your handcrafted business, make sure it reflects who you are since you are your business.  Class dismissed.

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