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Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Logo

LeilaBel Anne logo
It took me 30 mins. to come up with the design on PowerPoint.  It took me an additional 5 days to download a designing program (Inkscape), adjust proportions and alignment, get it critiqued by those closest to me, and finalize it.  I love the design because it's sssooo me.  If you broke me down into pixels, you'd get my logo.  A little funky, easy to read (no problem expressing my thoughts and emotions here - my hubs definitely knows that), some chunk - haha!, and eyeglasses because 1. the frames make my eyes appear larger - in my head, 2. a practical, fun accessory, and 3. to those near and dear to me - when is the last time you saw me without glasses?!?!  Little detail: the three dots on either side of the frames represent the three chicks that make up LeilaBel Anne - Leilani, Evelynn Mabel, and j.Anne.  The WINK is for being SUPER CUTE!

As mentioned above, I used PowerPoint to create the logo.  It surprised me.  Effects, layout, text, animation...the basics that I know well in PPT.  Drawing on PPT is a function I need to play with more because the glasses were drafted and finalized there.  (I dl-ed Inkscape afterwards.  Not a great program, but it has done its job so far.  I regret uninstalling Photoshop and Illustrator prior to finding my program discs - costly loser move).

Onto the font: Floraless.  I came across it as I was searching for a font to use for my felt name banners (project to be posted at a later time).  I chose another font to go with, but had the Floraless font file oddly copied on my desktop.  Opened it - brilliant!

Now that my logo is done, where can I use it?

Much love,

p.s. Photo: My life as seen through my past eyeglasses.  My toddler thought the arms could bend in any direction - 2012 pair (current).  They don't.

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