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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Make v. Buy: Make if you can and if you care

4 weeks.  That's how long it took me to make about 50+ flowers from satin and grosgrain ribbon and list a few of them on the LeilaBel Anne Etsy shop.  That may seem like a long time...and it is, but it was needed for me to perfect how I make ribbon flowers.

Within these 4 weeks, I learned how to properly cut and heat seal each ribbon piece, manipulate heated ribbon, and attach ribbons in the most efficient and effective way.  Every minute saved helps.  To an outsider, ribbon flowers are cheap little things that you can buy in bulk, which is true.  There are a lot of crafters, including Esty shop owners, who buy these flowers, add a drop of glue to an elastic band and sell it for the same price as I do.  That's coolio, but I choose to create my flowers because I can control my product quality from the beginning - it's the LBA way!  By offering handcrafted flowers, I am also able to fulfill custom orders in a short time frame because it's so easy to buy ribbon in the exact requested colour.  Revenue Bonus!

Since posting photos on my FB page and Instagram showing my progress, I've been asked to create flowers for 2 weddings!  The power of social media.

Here's a few samples.

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