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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Status Update: LeilaBel Anne is still here!

Thank you for visiting my newly opened shop on Etsy.
While I haven't received orders from the shop yet, I'm remaining optimistic because...well, there is no other option.  :)  For the past two weeks since the launch, I have been tirelessly working at home dealing with a few technical issues including:

1. Customizing the blog - If I didn't have previous experience with HTML, I probably would have given up trying to customize this site.  I can put together a set of links that have helped me thus far...future post.  I still have a lot to tweak

2. WiFi down! - SO FRUSTRATING!  Actually, not only did I not have WiFi, I didn't have an internet connection at home all together.  I was limited to my phone data, which isn't much.

3. Cricut has a new fan member - My hubby surprised me on our 4th wedding anni (June 12) with a Cricut Explore.  I knew this was an investment, so I spent the last 2 months researching and pondering about my Need v. Want of a die cutting machine.  It was definitely a combo of both side, but it's a necessity if I have to work more efficiently.  Cutting letters by hand is not fun.

4. New laptop - Turns out the Cricut Explore does not work with Windows XP.  Valid since XP is no longer being supported by MS.  Went to Costco.  Saw the laptops.  Bought a laptop.  Am now writing on said laptop.  Her name is Alice.  She needs to be fed with a little bit of LibreOffice and Photoshop Elements.  But first she's getting an appetizer of new fonts.

I'll be back on schedule starting Sunday.  Check you then!

Much love,

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