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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Making hair bows...because folded fabric on a shelf doesn't make money

Countdown: 2.5 weeks until LeilaBel Anne's craft show debut

Gift tags.  Done.  Scarves.  Should be done, but I keep making more.  Making infinity scarves is my drug.  Magnets.  Done.  Flowers.  Done-ish.  I just need to make and glue the centers of my tiny flowers - NEW SIZE.  With enough (hopefully) inventory for the show, I have time.  Time to make more Super Cute goodies, focus on setting up a mock table display, and update this blog.  Plus potty train my toddler and remain sane with my attached 9 month old.  *Close eyes and breathe...

In the past 4 days, I've completed 80+ small and large bow clips using
scraps and fabrics that are project orphans.  J'adore this mint green, textured polyester with gold accent threads.   This photo is of the large bow...clearly. 

Why bows?
1. Super Cute!
2. Fabric scraps used
3. I get to use materials that have not yet been used.  I now have a crazy inventory of personally selected fabrics that are folded neatly on shelves or still in shopping bags.  Sometimes project inspiration comes from the fabrics themselves, so it's a good idea to do a small project first to learn how it folds, cuts, affects your sewing machine settings, drapes, etc. especially if you're new to working with fabric, like myself.  Plus, doing a small project - making bows - increases my revenue!  Another wallet fattening bonus.

Other than fraying a lot if not cut with pinking shears, I learned that this mint green polyester material is great to work with.  Plushies, flowers, and accent pillows...I see a super cute life in its future.

Much love,

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