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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why $330 worth of Pottery Barn curtains were ripped apart

Table cloth, tablecloth, table cover...whatever.

Two tables.  Two table covers.  90" x 132" preferably.  That's what I'll be needing for my first show in May.  I sourced linen suppliers within Canada (so I don't have to worry about fees from importing).  For 2 orange table cloths and 2 overlays, my total cost would have been $80 + tax.  That's with a 20% discount - the 'always on discount' discount.  I had set my budget to $50 and $80 > $50.

Moving on....

I asked a party supplier in town if they could sell me 2 of their orange table cloths.  While they didn't have anything in stock, they did offer to add them to their next order.  Bonus!  But boo...I wouldn't receive them in time for the May 10th show and the price they quoted was the same as what I had sourced.

Next option - Make them.
Pros: can choose exact shades of colour and fabrics, leftover fabric for other projects, only owned by LeilaBel Anne
Cons: time, $$$

Curtains and lace purchased from Goodwill.   

  • $48 for 2 sets of beige linen curtains (Sorry Pottery Barn!  After I hacked into them them, I noticed the Pottery Barn label.  Regular price per pair is $165 + tax!  $330 for 2 sets!  Dang yo!  To make your heart hurt more - they were in PERFECT condition.  No rips, pulled threads or stains.)
  • $15 for 1 orange curtain panel (Regular price per pair - $60 from Ikea)
  • $9 for 2 lace overlays

TOTAL: $72 + tax
*NOTE: retro style fabric in photo was originally bought for this project, but didn't work out.

$72 > $50, but there was a lot of leftover fabric.  The white 100% cotton lining from the Potterybarn curtains can be made into scarves.   If I do that, I could potentially earn $120.  And the other remnants will be used for name banners.  Cha ching again!

After cutting, ripping, measuring, cutting again, pinning, and sewing, I ended up with two 70" x 128" table covers (large enough to cover a 5' table with the back open for easy access to storage).  Check it out!

I'm so happy with them!  I'm also super happy because I top stitched for the first time.  Just don't look at the wrong side.  Not pretty.  I will master making the wrong side as neat as the front in due time.

Much love,

My sewing machine (I should give it/her/him a name) needed a cleaning after this project.  Badly.

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